Welcome to the Oxford Initiative for Systemic Constellations

We bring together Oxfordshire’s Systemic Constellators, Trauma Experts and Intention Method Facilitators, their excellence, experience, wisdom and knowledge.

Systemic and Family Constellations, Oxford, Oxfordshire, www.oxisc.org

We offer workshops on training and self-development as well as a space for peers within the world of Family and Systemic Constellations and the Intention Method.

International guest speakers and facilitators will be hosted for day and weekend workshops.

Coming up on 14th January: “Healing Through Insight – A Systemic Exploration”, facilitated by Silvia Siret.

Also: 24th to 28th January 2018 (evenings): Cosmic Power©
Announcing the first ever course of Cosmic Power© in the UK and new for 2017!
A personal development and energetic healing course for individuals and coaches/therapists.
7-9pm each day, Oxford (tbc), cost: FREE (donations welcome but not obligatory).

And: 10th and 11th February 2018: “Developmental Trauma, IoPT and Me”, a 2-day non-residential workshop, during which participants will get great insight into the causes and consequences of trauma experienced pre-birth and in early childhood. This will be facilitated by Psychotherapist Alexandra Smith.