OxISC is born

I feel excited.

I’ve been going pregnant with the wish to be part of or create a community of constellators in Oxfordshire since I moved to England in the beginning of 2005. There seemed to be only me and one other (who had no web page) to begin with.

Me, that is Silvia from Germany, who fell in love with Oxfordshire first and then with the brother of my long-term English friend whom I knew from the time she lived in Germany. Our children went to Kindergarten together, around 1994 – 1995. I met her brother in 2004 when I visited her in England. In the meantime I had gone through 2 marriages, one divorce and several short-term relationships and separations – in short: chaos.

When I came to live here I immediately started a job, which was quite a challenge. My plan was to build a business as Life Coach and Constellations Facilitator, and I very slowly began to have clients and facilitate small workshops in 2006 when I was settled a bit more. But mostly I was working in admin and bringing up my partner’s 3 children (part-time) and my second child. There was hardly any time or energy to dedicate to building my business.

But before all that – in summer 2005 – I reconnected with my first child (15 at the time) from whom I had been physically separated for nearly seven years and who lived with her father from the age of 5 and a half. Our story is the reason I got into self-development and especially Family Constellations.  I had my first constellation in 1997, shortly after I had lost custody for and contact with my first daughter. It was such an eye opener on so many levels … and it was the beginning of bringing order into my life and creating meaningful relationships as well as becoming authentic, integral and so, so much more happy.

Mid 2015 I joined an Oxfordshire constellators peer group (through invitation from a constellator who knew me through my activity on Facebook), which was my first experience of being part of a wider community of constellators and the beginning of learning from other facilitators. That peer group, though, seized to be in June 2016, and this ending left me bereaved and lacking orientation at first. But very soon after- out of the blue it seemed – I heard about an international organisation and looked into it. It was a no-brainer – in July 2016 I became a member of the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) and participated in their big 5-day gathering in October. Finally, after all those years of soldering more or less on my own, I had a sense of belonging.

Systemic and Family Constellations, Oxford, Oxfordshire, www.oxisc.org
Anngwyn-St-Just Ph.D., Arizona

And here I am, birthing the Oxford Institute of Systemic Constellations, which at this point is just me. My wish and intention is to grow this organisation, not necessarily to make profit, but to create community and excellence in Oxfordshire and bring international Constellation Rock Stars to Oxford. Guess what – the first big star has agreed to facilitate a weekend workshop under the wing of OxISC on 1st and 2nd July 2017: Anngwyn St Just from Arizona, with roots in – you guessed it – St Just, Cornwall (where I spent my summer holiday in 2016). I witnessed her at the ISCA Gathering and was in awe of her knowledge, wisdom and huge presence. I can’t tell you how proud I am that she will be the first gig under the wing of OxISC.

So, watch this space ….

In anticipation,

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