video Video Message from Silvia and her husband about ‘A Band of Brothers’

We know it’s not directly related to Systemic Constellations, but we are happy to provide the space for Silvia’s promotion of ‘A Band of Brothers’ (ABoB), because we fully support what they are about. Mentoring men, in order to change our society one man at the time, is what they are doing. When men listen to their own and other men’s feelings, understand them better and learn how to deal with them, our hole society hugely benefits.

In this video Silvia and her husband Ewan are explaining in more detail what “Being Bold to be Bald” is all about. If you don’t have the time to watch it all, watch from 1:34, as Ewan is briefly explaining ABoB’s work.

Give here:

Watch live here on 20th May:

Please, share widely and help ABoB do their hugely transformative work.

Thank you!

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