An Introduction to System Dynamics in Workplace Systems

For Leaders and Individuals interested in
Workplace Issues and Professional Development

with Nina Ishtar, Reflective Systems (Innovation in Healthy Workplaces – System Dynamic Services)

Date, time: Saturday 17 August 2019, 9.30am—1.30pm

Venue: Kidlington, Exeter Hall Workshop Room

About: Organisations and Businesses are living systems made up of dynamic people, all with their own history and aspirations. Each individual’s unique past and the organisations historical events play a significant role in shaping its culture and influencing success. In this workshop you will be introduced to the core theory to the phenomenological approach to system dynamics. There will be experiential exercises both individual and within the group. The aim is to give you a real sense of how your own professional life or that of your organisation or business can benefit from systemic work.

Workshop Fees:
35 GBP (20 discounted) Registration essential.

To book:
Please contact Nina.

Contact details:
p: 07769093957 (Whilst in the UK)

Photo of Nina Ishtar, Reflective Systems, Australia
Nina Ishtar

Nina is offering this workshop as part of a ‘Train the Trainer’ she is currently completing. Fees will cover workshop costs only. Any profits will be donated to an authorised UK charity.

Reflective Systems was founded by Nina Ishtar who was inspired after completing training in System Dynamics in Organisations with the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands. This Institute is a world leader in broadening and advancing constellation and systemic work to suit the needs of businesses, organisations, and the individuals within them.

Download: Flyer System Dynamics