Cosmic Power©

A personal development and energetic healing course for individuals and coaches/therapists

Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th March 2018 (tbc)
7-9pm each day
Venue: Oxford (tbc)
Cost: FREE

Please have a look at this Vlog by Silvia Siret. She explains what it is (briefly) and what it did for her.

Elinor Martell, Cosmic Power© Trainer at OxISC

This is Elinor Martell, who facilitates the trainings.

She’s an Executive Business Coach, small business owner, former actor and artist and mother to a young son.

She was born in the Midlands and now lives in Buckinghamshire.

She originally trained in the Arts as an artist and professional actor. She worked for almost 20 years in this profession, before she retired to start her family. She then retrained in Marketing and HR. In 2013 she started training in Systemic Constellations. Elinor first trained as a Business and Organisational Constellator with the Whole Partnership, and then she completed a 2 year follow-on training in Personal and Family Systemic Constellations with the Centre for Systemic Constellations (CSC). She has also studied in Austria and Germany at the Hellinger Schule and Scientia Institute.

In 2017 she became a Certified Practioner and Trainer of Cosmic Power©.

Cosmic Power©, developed and taught by Sophie Hellinger, wife of Bert Hellinger

Here she gives us her personal account of what Cosmic Power© is and what her experiences have been:

What is Cosmic Power©?
What will it do for me?

“Well, I can tell you what’s it has definitely done for me:
I’ve been really amazed at the results I’ve got from Cosmic Power©.
I initially signed up for this course not really understanding or knowing anything about Cosmic Power©.  I had no idea what was in store for me. But I went on a kind of gut feeling and instinct that I can’t really explain. I sensed that there would be something of benefit for me if I signed up for this course.

The first thing I’d like to say that this is a really easy thing to learn.
Cosmic Power© can be learnt by practically anyone. It’s very simple to learn and so easy to practice.
And, more importantly, for someone like me, it’s very manageable to do. I have a really busy life; I’m a full time businesswoman and mum.  I own a company and I work as an executive business coach. I’m so busy that I really have no time for myself.
What I loved about what I learnt on Cosmic Power© was that the techniques and practices are so easy to fit into my very busy day.
I can tell you that I was so relieved about this because in the past I’ve done  courses or workshops where I’ve had to learn all kinds of new spiritual and energetic techniques and it seemed like I needed an extra two or three hours a day just to be able to do it all !  I’ll be honest with you; I struggle with even finding an extra 10 minutes a day!
The second thing I loved about this was it was really easy and simple to do.  I was so pleased how quick it was to learn how to do Cosmic Power©.  The techniques you learn are natural and simple. And short! So, you ONLY need find 5 minutes 3 times a day to practice, and you’re done!
I can’t tell you how excited I felt to discover that this powerful spiritual practice could be easily done in JUST 5 minutes, and yet get such dramatic results.
I feel that I’ve done a lot of spiritual work and personal development in my life.
Since my early twenties I’ve tried everything from all types of Yoga; Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, and different styles of meditation; Zen, Buddhist, Transcendental Meditation. I’ve also done different energy work from Chi Gung to Tai Chi, Reiki, and Tensegrity.
And not to mention all the years I studied as a physical therapist in Swedish and sports massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy….
And at the same time I discovered different types of counselling and therapy or “shadow work”, such as CBT, Gestalt, Existential. I’ve been inspired by spiritual leaders such as Eckhart Tolle, Werner Erhard, David Deida, Carlos Castaneda, and many more…
When I look back I’m astounded of everything I did in search of my health, wellbeing, and spiritual growth.
And I’m really grateful to have been able to have done all this. I feel that I’ve gained a lot from all the spiritual and energy work I’ve done in the past. Some practices were more effective for me than others. I feel I’ve done some really powerful stuff.
To be honest with you, I felt I was getting a bit jaded, like I’d done a lot, and I knew a lot, and I secretly believed there probably wasn’t much more out there that could help me.
And I think I also believed that in order to get big results any spiritual or energy practice had to involve learning something that took lots of my time and effort, and would take years of practice to achieve success. To be honest, my initial expectations of Cosmic Power© weren’t high.
So, I was really surprised at how powerful Cosmic Power© was!
And how quickly I got the results I wanted!

You learn a really easy and short meditation that only lasts 5 minutes.
You learn a very simple breathing exercise, that you can do ANYWHERE whenever you need it.
You also learn some other techniques that are so simple and easy to do.
It takes minutes to learn how to do it. And it’s so natural and easy, anyone can learn it.
Once you’ve learned how to do it you can use Cosmic Power© on yourself, and on your friends and family.

The results are dramatic!
I had amazing experiences practicing Cosmic Power© on myself. The amazing results I got really surprised me. I have had a condition that has been ongoing for nearly all my life. I want to keep it private because it’s a sensitive condition and I’m embarrassed to share too much information about it here. I’ll be happy to tell you about it when you come on the Cosmic Power course©, because we keep everything confidential. Well, on the very first day I learnt how to do Cosmic Power©, and within a couple of hours of doing Cosmic Power© on myself, my health issue cleared up completely. I couldn’t believe it! Whenever I’ve practise Cosmic Power© on myself I get a result almost immediately.
I also did Cosmic Power© on my mother who has severe rheumatoid osteoarthritis. All her joints in her legs are either inflamed or crumbled away. She’s had a knee and hip joints replaced and she’s in constant pain. Her mobility is so poor that she’s registered disabled. The first time I did Cosmic Power© on her just once she suddenly said afterwards she was pain free for 2 whole days, and she had more mobility, she couldn’t believe she was walking around more freely!
I was just astounded.  My mother is a very scientific person. She’s a PhD doctor. She doesn’t believe in this spiritual stuff. But even she had to admit something amazing had happened.
I also did Cosmic Power© on my 12 year old son. You can do it on children as well as adults. Cosmic Power© can be used for physical health and it can also be used for things like improving concentration, memory, intelligence, and even intuition or psychic ability.
I did it on my son because he was going away to study for a week’s seminar in Switzerland. We’d paid a lot of money for him to attend this seminar. It was important to us that he would fully participate and be attentive so he could learn everything. Since he was little he has a problem concentrating in class. Every report he ever got since infant school said he was a talented boy who often got distracted and lost concentration. We were especially worried as we knew he’d find this seminar boring, and so he’d be more likely to be distracted. So, I did Cosmic Power© on him, just once, the day before he left to go to this seminar.
When he returned I asked for feedback on how his behaviour had been during the seminar. Well, apparently he had been amazing! The teacher told me that he was so focused throughout the whole week. He was totally engaged and asking lots of questions. He was really present and attentive and confident. Now, that is NOT my normal experience of my son!  I was absolutely delighted!

So, my experiences have been improvements in my own physical health and mental development, and that of my family. I’ve done Cosmic Power© on my friends and they too have reported positive changes to their health.
Cosmic power© is an energetic spiritual practice as well. I have found that it can deepen my own spiritual and self-development work. It means that when I do other spiritual or therapeutic practices or workshops I find myself getting faster results in whatever I’m doing. I’m able to deeply connect to the energetic field. I’m much more energetically sensitive and tuned in to myself and others.

I work as a Systemic Constellator and Executive Business Coach. I work at a very deep level mentally and energetically with my clients.  I work in pressurised environments where people need results yesterday. I want to help my clients achieve their goals as quickly and as easily as possible. So, I need to think fast, remember tons of information, lead confidently, and be emotionally empathetic and sensitive to my client’s needs. In short, I need to deliver what I promise every time. This used to make me feel very anxious, and even though I’m a highly trained, very experienced professional I’d often secretly feel insecure about my abilities. I noticed that since connecting to spirit and energy with Cosmic Power© something subtle yet powerful has shifted in the way I work or the type of coach I am. I believe that Cosmic Power© has made me a better facilitator and coach. It’s also helped me become more confident, and I’ve noticed my connection with other people has improved. My clients seem happier with me. They tell me they love that they’re getting faster results and achieving more with me now. I also seem to be attracting exciting new business opportunities. I feel I’ve found practicing Cosmic Power© has been profoundly helpful in my professional work as well as my personal life.

I feel very clearly that since I’ve learnt and been practicing Cosmic Power© something in my life is shifted. Things are different when I practice cosmic power. Despite having some really tough challenges in my life, life is better. Life flows more. More opportunities seem to come to me. More good things happen. And right now, I need this. Over the last 12 months I’ve been going through a very difficult situation.  I’m going through a divorce. It’s very stressful time. My 13 year marriage ended. Everything’s changing very rapidly. I found that Cosmic Power really does literally give me power and I don’t just mean an idea of power, I mean a real Power that’s supporting me through this roller-coaster.

It’s very hard usually to describe exactly what Cosmic Power© is because it’s like trying to describe any spiritual or energy practice, like mediation or yoga or Constellations. There are these are experiential things. Their very nature is abstract and uniquely personal to each of us. When we try and put it into language or pin it down exactly we struggle. It’s almost impossible to do it. So, what I would say is that if you feel called to do this, or have an idea, even if you can’t explain it or understand why, but you feel that this would be good for you to do, I really urge you to come along. Cosmic Power© might be the best thing you’ve ever done. And there’s no risk to you, as we’re giving this course away for FREE!

There are two very clear reasons why this course is free.
Firstly, Sophie Hellinger, who helped devise this course and who along with Anna Wagner, was my teacher, feels that right now the world is in desperate need of healing and spiritual growth. That we, as Cosmic Power© facilitators and trainers, need to share this with as many people as possible, so we all benefit.
And there are a lot of people who just can’t afford to pay for expensive spiritual or healing courses. These are the very people who probably need Cosmic Power© the most. They might be people who have never had much money or just don’t have enough money now. Maybe they’re going through really difficult time like a divorce and suffering financial hardship. Or maybe they’ve been successful in the past, but have fallen on harder times, or their business is struggling, or they’ve lost their job. Cosmic Power© can really help people like that, and it can really change things in a really good way.  By offering this course for free, people who wouldn’t’ be able to learn something as powerful like Cosmic Power© are able to do it.
The other reason that I’m offering Cosmic Power© as a free gift is that I personally benefit the more I give it away for free.
You see, I received this Cosmic Power© course for free when I learnt how to do it. And it seems to be a natural law of the Universe, that the more I give it away the more good things, energy, spirit, Karma ( or whatever you want to call it) comes back to me as my reward!
I really didn’t believe this at first, but now I’m convinced. So, I’m very comfortable about teaching you Cosmic Power© for free. Lots of good stuff, magical spiritual gifts, come back to me when I give Cosmic Power© away for free.
Yes, that’s right; you’re actually helping me as much as I’m helping you!”

So, if you feel that you want to learn something that can transform your life and your health, sign up for Cosmic Power© now. Cosmic Power© may be the most amazing thing you’ve ever done!

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