Healing Through Insight – A Systemic Exploration

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Silvia Siret, Systemic Life Coach

This workshop, facilitated by Silvia Siret, is for people who would like to explore Systemic Constellations in this context (health/illness).

We will attempt to find the root of the issue(s) by looking into the family system, which includes siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, great-grandparents etc.  Once the root is found, the healing “treatment” can begin. It will be initiated there and then, and the path ahead will be much clearer in terms of self-care and how to work with symptoms in the future.

The issue holder (the person who’s constellation will be facilitated) will have the opportunity to visualise their inner picture of their situation by using representatives from the group and shine a light on their sub-conscious mind. We may see what dynamics have led to the situation/issue and the issue holder may be able to address the root of it in a safe space with healing words and expression of emotions. This is a creative, intuitive process and goes very deep, and may give you sustainable results. A new perspective plus higher awareness, as well as a changed attitude will help see their path ahead more clearly and eventually lead into more peace within themselves.

If you’d like to book or get more information, please email to contact at oxisc dot org

If fear of feeling painful emotions is what is holding you back, please know that you will be in a very safe space, very well held by the facilitator, and that you will be the one who will be driving your own healing process with no pressure at all, only support.

For lunch we ask attendees to bring food that we can share with the group. Vegetarian and vegan food is always popular. It is always so wonderful what comes together on the table and feels like a yummy feast.

Investment: £95 issue holder spaces and £10 representative spaces.
Pre-Payment obligatory: Please ask for bank details here.

New dates to be confirmed.

Please note:

This work – although very powerful – is not a replacement for professional medical treatment, but it can help significantly with the healing process.