You Are One Of Us – Free Talk – Systemic Pedagogy with Marianne Franke-Griksch

Systemic Insights and Solutions for Teachers, Students and Parents

Co-hosted by Ivana Marcovic (Familliation) and OxISC

Friday 15th November 2019, 19:00 – 21:00,
East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, Oxford OX4 1DD

A free 2-hour talk by Marianne Franke-Griksch (author of “You Are One Of Us” – “Du Gehoerst Zu Uns”), internationally known and respected for bringing the systemic approach to the world of education as a teacher and freelance consultant. The talk will be in German with English translation.

This event marks the beginning of a 2-day educational workshop, during which Marianne will give an overview of her take on how child education can succeed and be an enjoyable process for both, educators (as well as parents/carers/social workers) and children.

On 16th and 17th November Marianne will teach the systemic approach in more depth and put the theory into practice. The weekend workshop has a different event page here.

Invited are teachers of all kinds and ranks, parents, social workers, professors, anyone interested in understanding Systemic Pedagogy, and systemically working therapists and facilitators.

Participants can claim CPD points (2 hours of further education).

A short introduction into Systemic Pedagogy:

The systemic view enables us to see the sometimes unexplained attitudes and behaviours of our children and young people in a completely new light.

Children are looking towards their parents and want to “do something for them”. Unconsciously, they try to counterbalance their parents’ pressure, longing or loneliness, and that way they also become distressed and in need. Their symptoms are in most cases a pointer to the actual “cause” – usually secretive, forgotten or unfinished incidents in one of the parents’ families of origin (e.g. early death of a parent, or sibling of a father or mother, contempt of a family member, etc); but also often caused by the lack of respect between the parents, especially in separation situations.

These pressures on children can show in attention deficit [hyperactivity] disorder (AD[H]D); school angst; learning difficulties, bullying; difficulties with their peers and teachers and more.

Children and parents (carers) are subjected to two systems on a daily basis: their family in their private life, and their school environment, which is in public. When we look deeper into the dynamics, we learn to understand how children become in need in their unconditional devotion to their parents. Their love for their parents forces them to withstand well-meant educational tactics.

It is the goal of the systemic approach to release children from their burdens. Parents realise that their children are not ill, not resisting, not lazy, but carriers of symptoms and signposts. Parents go on the path towards the background of the issues children present.

Marianne’s website (only in German):

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Saturday 16th November to Sunday 17th November 2018, 09:30 – 17:30 each
Non-residential 2-day experiential workshop on above topic.
East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, Oxford OX4 1DD.
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