Wooden figurines used in Family Constellations

Workshops and Self-Development

Backed by over 20 years of experience,  we offer workshops and self-development within the world of Family and Systems Constellations for anyone wanting support with personal, family, health or work issues. 

We are creating a space for peers in the Family  and Systems Constellations world to meet, to learn from each other, to share information and wisdom, to give and receive feedback and grow together as a local community.

Upcoming Events

Systems Constellations Workshops

with Silvia Siret and Richard Pantlin

Where: Headington, Oxford

When: 5 dates in 2020 - see "Events"

Stepping Into My Power – Workshop For Women

With Silvia Siret

Where: Headington, Oxford

When: 13th March 2020


Silvia Siret OxISC  founder and Family Constellations Faciliator

OxISC was founded officially on 20th February 2017 by Silvia Siret (ISCA), Systems- / Family Constellations Facilitator, Oxfordshire, UK.

Silvia offers systemic therapy, family constellations, systems constellations, teaches Mindfulness and facilitates Red Tents (women's circles). She specialises in  chronic health issues, parenting and relationships.

She did her main trainings in Germany, with Klaus Frey (Neue Wege Seminare, Baden-Baden); Regina Schalck-Heckert (BeFree Institut, Speyer); and Joern Moerck (Body Enterprise Teacher from Denmark).

Since 2005 she has continuously been in further education (systemic work, counselling, body psychotherapy, Reiki, psycho drama, improvisation theatre and more.)

Silvia Siret with her husband and her dog Jack

Ewan Siret, Silvia's husband, acts as Treasurer with OxISC. Jack, the dog, is OxISC’s mascot (but only because he has separation anxiety and needs to be with his 'mummy' 24/7).  

Richard Pantlin, member of OxISC and Systems Constellator

Richard Pantlin, co-founder and co-director of OxISC, has a background in management, social care and health. He now offers Business and Life Coaching using a systems constellations approach.

Richard has trained with a wide variety of top family and systems constellations practitioners including Albrecht Mahr, Vivian Broughton, Jan Jacob Stam, Ed Rowland, John Whittington and Francesca Mason-Boring. He honours the Zulu origins and has worked with African traditional healers. 

Silvia facilitating a Family Constellation at the Oxford Yes Group

Are You a Systems- / Family Constellations Facilitator?

If you’d like to facilitate family or systems constellations or other systemic type workshops with OxISC, would like to teach, offer systemic therapy, or become a member for a year for £15, please get in touch today.


We intend to occasionally post blogs. They will be all about Family Constellations (Systems [or Systemic] Constellations).